Course Syllabus 2018 - 2019


Course Title:  Astronomy


Contact Information:   Mrs. Houk – – 262.534.3189 ext. 7410 – Room 210A


Textbook and Materials:  Astronomy Today, Chaisson and McMillan, Pearson, 2011.

 Students supply 3-ring binder with loose leaf paper or notebook and folder; pencil/pen; assignment notebook; calculator (cannot use phone)

Course Fee:  0


Course Description:  Astronomy is the scientific study of stars, planets, and other aspects of the Universe. It is the scientific extension of naming of the stars and is historically tied to astrology (now it is quite distinct).  This course provides an introductory look at the night sky and our Solar System. It will focus on the overview of the past, present, and future of the universe and its contents.


Course Content:


Quarter 3:                                                                  Quarter 4:

Foundations of Astronomy                                         The Solar System

The Birth of Modern Science                                       The Sun

Radiation                                                                      The Stars

Spectroscopy                                                                Black Holes and General Relativity



Assessment Types:   

50% = Tests and quizzes           30% = Labs                20% = Homework


Late Work Policy:  1 day accepted at 50% credit; 0% after that


Classroom Expectations:

Be Prepared

Bring materials with you daily. This includes pen/pencil, textbook, assignment notebook, and notebook/binder.

Be Responsible

Be on time and in your assigned seat when the bell rings. (Tardy Policy)

If you are absent, please make up quizzes daily and tests within two days.
            Labs must be made up within a week.

If you need additional help, see me before the assignment is due!

Be Respectful

Straighten tables, chairs, etc and clean up lab stations before leaving.

Do NOT line up at the door or leave until I dismiss you.

Leave hats, coats, etc. in your locker.  Purses and backpacks must be kept on the floor under your desk. 

Respect one another, the animals, and the equipment in the classroom.

No Horseplay – failure to comply may result in the removal from participation in labs = zero.


I have read and understand the expectations.

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