About Us

Waterford Union High School is located in Waterford, WI which is in Racine County. We are 35 minutes from Milwaukee and 40 minutes from the border of Illinois. Our high school is comprised of students from the Waterford Graded School District, North Cape, Washington-Caldwell, and Drought. We have a long standing tradition of academic excellence and providing a wide-range of co-curricular and athletic options for our students.


WUHS inspires all to achieve high expectations and ensures that each student is prepared for college or career and life.

District Values

Student Success

→ Set high expectations about student learning 

→ Provide monthly updates on student progress in interventions 

→ Leaders, teachers, and staff use a variety of creative methods to support student learning in different environments 

Stakeholder Confidence

→ Maintain long-term financial stability 

→ Showcase the happenings in the district through a variety of content mediums 

→ Produce honest and transparent communication for all stakeholders 

→ Use engagement survey data to drive change 

People & Teams

→Provide a positive culture that values professional development and growth 

→ Attract, develop, and retain high quality staff through competitive compensation, benefits, and work environment 

→ Use student data to inform, engage and create opportunities for students to be successful in the classroom 

District Profile

  • Total enrollment: 1,030
  • District Boundaries: 120 sq miles, 7 municipalities in Racine and Waukesha Counties
  • High school Advanced Placement (AP), Partners in Education Credits (PIE), and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) programs

Additional Information

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District Calendars

Annual Meeting

You can review the Annual Meeting document.

DPI State Report Card

Notice of Academic Standards

Annual Notice of Academic Standards.

Under AHERA (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act), all primary and secondary schools are required to develop and implement a plan for managing all building materials which contain asbestos.  Included in the AHERA Act is the requirement to annually notify all workers and building occupants (or their guardians) of asbestos-related activities.

Beginning in 1988, all buildings owned, leased, or “under the control of” the School District were inspected by EPA accredited inspectors, with building material samples analyzed by an independent laboratory.  Based on the inspection, the School District prepared and the state approved a comprehensive management plan for managing the asbestos. Where the asbestos-containing materials are found, the District has in place an Operations and Maintenance program. The District has accomplished the following compliance mandates regarding the administration of asbestos in school buildings:

  • Environmental Management Consulting, Inc. (EMC) was contracted to be the school’s consultant for asbestos for the school year.
  • The District is continuing with the Operations and Maintenance Program as designed for the School District. This ensures that all asbestos materials are kept in good condition in good condition.
  • Periodic “surveillance” in each area containing asbestos has been completed every six months by our consultant. Also, the buildings are re-inspected by an accredited inspector every three years.
  • In the past year the District conducted the following asbestos removal activities:
  • No work done this year

All outside contractors shall contact the lead maintenance person before commencing work.  Our goal at the District is to be in full compliance with asbestos regulations. A copy of the Asbestos Management Plan is available for review by contacting the District Office. Questions related to this plan or any other asbestos concerns should be directed to the District’s Designated Person.

You can view the list of options by visiting this link. For information about these educational opportunities, contact the Nicole Werner, Waterford Union High School Student Services Director at (262) 534-3189, ext. 3401 or at nwerner@waterforduhs.k12.wi.us.