Birmingham, Leigh

Drama and English Teacher
Phone: 262-534-3189 ext. 1407

Bjorge, Holly

Occupational Therapist & Assistive Technology Coordinator
Waterford Education Cooperative
Phone: 262-534-4034

Bratton, Hunter

Speech-Language Pathologist
Waterford Education Cooperative
Phone: 262-534-3189 ext.2206

Brechtl, Dena

Mathematics Teacher
Phone: 262-534-3189 ext. 2128

Brook, Ruth

Speech Pathologists
Phone: 2625343189

Brown, Kate

Director of Marketing and Communications
Phone: 262-534-9059 ext 3005

Carter, Andrew

Director of Performing Arts Center
Phone: 262-534-3189 ext 1315

Castle, Emily

Administrative Assistant/ Open Enrollment Coordinator
Student Services
Phone: 262-534-3341 x3405

Chic, Tom


Christianson, Holly

English Teacher
Phone: 262-534-3189 ext. 1228