• #1 Public High School in Racine County
  • #6 our of 462 for “Best Public High School Teachers”
  • Top 2% in the COUNTRY for “Best Public High School Teachers”
  • 1/10 in the State and 1/250 to be on the AP District Honor Roll

Mr. Agallar has a long standing tradition that he treats his AP Economics students to Buffalo Wild Wings if they have 100% passing on the AP exam.

Our staff coach the powderpuff teams during homecoming.

Paul Bixler, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Tonn, and Dr. Kohn attended the small ceremony to celebrate the new Paul Bixler Environmental Center.

New staff for the 2021 school year received a community tour during the orientation.

Our choir director tests out the new baby grand piano in our Performing Arts Center.

Staff members continued the annual tradition of performing during half-time at the homecoming game.

Meet the Departments

You can find staff contact information by visiting our staff directory.


Mr. Bakken

Mr. Hawkinson

Ms. Helmke

Mr. Hendricks

Dr. Kohn

Mrs. Minikowski

Ms. Schubert

Mrs. Smith

Mr. Stoll

Mrs. Tonn

Mr. Wicks (Agriculture)

Social Studies

Mr. Agallar

Mr. Harmeling

Mrs. Linski

Mr. Olson

Ms. Rohrsen

Ms. Taylor

Mr. Vogt

Mr. Ziegler


Mrs. Birmingham

Mrs. Christianson

Mrs. Chung

Mr. Glisch

Mrs. Grisius (Reading)

Mr. Hepworth

Mr. Hicks

Mrs. Morrow

Mr. Omo

Mrs. Tolbert

Ms. Wedell


Mr. Bestland

Mrs. Brechtl

Mrs. Clarksen

Mr. Gordon

Mr. Johnsrud

Mrs. Knurr

Mrs. Maas-Vogt

Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Neuman

Mrs. O’Dwyer

Technology and Engineering

Mr. Datka

Mr. Przybysz

Mr. Rader

Mr. Troxell


Ms. Coyne

Mr. Roberts

World Language

Mrs. Krauklis

Mrs. Morgan

Mrs. Schiltz

Mrs. Straub

Business & Info Technology

Mr. Cresswell

Mrs. Hanson

Physical Education

Mrs. Ingish

Mr. Schuster

Mrs. Sittig

Mr. Vraney

Mr. Wendorf

Drivers Education

Mrs. Herda

Family and Consumer ScienceĀ 

Ms. Juran

Mrs. Knurr

Mrs. Rydzewski


Mr. Luttio

Mr. Machan

The Waterford Education Cooperative operates from Waterford Union High School and provides special services to the surrounding districts. The director, Michael Rosandich, leads the team.

Special Education

Mrs. Hatch

Mrs. Hegemann

Ms. Hoskins

Mrs. Mahnke

Mr. Roeglin

Mrs. Schnell

Mrs. Thomas

Special Education Aides

Mrs. Barry

Mrs. Gebel

Ms. Kastenson

Ms. Lemke

Mrs. Longo

Mrs. Ludwig

Ms. Martens

Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Squires

Mrs. Tomczak

Mrs. Weber

Mrs. Wilken