Guidelines for the Above and Beyond Annual Student Volunteer Award

Waterford Union High School exists to provide students the opportunities to acquire the knowledge skills and experiences to become successful and responsible adults. We believe that schools are more than places where students go to learn; they are places from which students and teachers go forward into the community to make it a better place. By engaging in community service learning opportunities, students are exposed to the responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society and realize they can make contributions now! For these reasons, students will be rewarded for the hours they go Above and Beyond. Waterford Union High School looks forward to honoring all of our students that provide our community with substantial voluntary services. The information provided below will guide students through the responsibilities and questions they may have about the “Above and Beyond” Student Volunteer Award. Waterford Union High School looks forward to watching our students continue to make a positive difference in our community!

Student Responsibilities and Goals:

1. Pre-approval is strongly advised for volunteer hours to ensure that your contributions can qualify towards the award. Some hours will not qualify, see the descriptions below.

2. Summer pre-approval can be made via email to Mrs.Holly Knurr,

3. Volunteer hours must be submitted to Mrs. Holly Knurr with the signature of approval from an adult supervisor certifying the hours worked. A phone number and address of that person must be written on the form. A student has 90 days past the dated event to turn in paperwork. Paperwork should be turned in to Mrs. H. Knurr room A205 or placed in her mailbox in the main office.

4. Any falsified paperwork or documentation will eliminate a student’s eligibility for the award during that year.

5. An annual award will be given to students at the end of the school year who have completed 40 approved volunteer hours.

6. Service cycles begin on May 1 st and end the following April 30th

7. In addition to the annual award, Senior students will be specially recognized for completing at least 150 approved volunteer hours throughout their high school career.

Volunteer Activities that DO NOT qualify towards the award:

1. Any court ordered community service hours.

2. Any activity in which the student is financially compensated or paid for.

3. Any activity that is a family obligation and not above and beyond expectations of family contributions (example: family lawn mowing, chores, sibling babysitting…etc.).

4. Church or religious activities that are not above and beyond your regular call to service. (altar server, greeter, reader…etc.).

5. Participating in a fundraising event (any walk/race/bike/etc. activity in which you are a participant and not an event organizer).

6. Any activity which is required by a school club or sport for fundraising or membership purposes (some exclusions apply, see below).

Volunteer Activities that DO qualify towards the award:

1. Volunteering to assist/teach/entertain people at hospitals, nursing homes, churches or elementary schools.

2. Volunteer coach/sports official for community activities.

3. Mission trip work (only working hours may be counted—no travel time, down time, or group activity time may be counted).

4. Organizer or volunteer for a non-profit event.

5. CHASE Club activities that are completed outside of school

6. School activities that do count include: Best Buddies, Peer Tutoring program, and Student Mentoring. Any hours logged during the school day for those programs will only count for a maximum of 20 hours. Activities outside of the school day for those programs will count as full time volunteer hours.

Note: Opportunities for community service are available through the CHASE (Community Helpers and Student Educators) program. Please see Mrs. Knurr with questions. Also, opportunities are always available in the community, feel free to find ways that you can contribute by listening to announcements or seeking voluntary hours on your own. Remember, getting yours hours pre-approved is highly recommended!

Did you do Community Service this summer? If so, please print out an Above and Beyond application from the WUHS website and submit it to Mrs. Knurr in room A205 by Weds, September 30th. NO SUMMER HOURS will be accepted after Weds, September 30th

Application- Approval Form