Community Advisory Committee: Long-Range Facility Planning

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Discussion Topics: Past Survey Results, Facility Improvement Options, and Referendum Timing and Polling.

Question and Response Document from the CAC

The Board of Education approved an action to form a Community Advisory Committee during the July 2023 boarding meeting. The charge is below.

Background: The Waterford Union School District has as an action item to task a Community Advisory Committee (CAC), consisting of District residents and WUHS staff, serving as advisors to both the administration and School Board. The primary objective of the CAC is to provide support in identifying long-term facilities options that offer adequate spaces for our students, taking into account the need for immediate solutions and flexible, financially responsible strategies.

CAC’s Responsibilities and Review Process: The CAC will diligently review various aspects, including:

  1. WUHS mission and vision,
  2. WUHS program and curriculum drivers, and future goals,
  3. Outcomes of the April 2021 and 2022 referendums,
  4. Analysis of current district enrollments, enrollment projections, and building capacity data through 2027,
  5. Assessment of current facilities, analyzing space utilization and physical condition, while prioritizing identified needs, and
  6. The financial impact of addressing facility needs within the school district

To review the full charge you can visit this link.

Committee Representation: The CAC comprises representatives from diverse stakeholder groups, including:

  1. Parents from each school,
  2. Community members,
  3. Local businesses,
  4. Staff,
  5. Administration, and
  6. Board of Education.

Expected Outcome: The Board will gain valuable insights into the Long Range Facilities Plan, enabling informed decision-making regarding the future of our educational facilities. The report presented by the CAC will serve as a crucial resource in shaping the district’s infrastructure and supporting optimal learning environments for our students.

Question and Response Document from the CAC