The Neff Company is a supplier of letter jackets for Waterford Union High School . Tim McCauley, of The Neff Company, is our award consultant. He can be reached at 608-220-7610.

MECA Sportswear is a supplier of letter jackets for Waterford Union High School.  Brandon Ellefson, of MECA Sportswear, is our award consultant.  He can be reached at 608-374-6455.

The base cost of each jacket includes back patch, chenille name on pocket, sales tax and shipping. All sizing will be done that night and additional items that an athlete has earned such as numerals, minor and major letters may be sewn on for an additional cost.

NEFF Letter Jacket Order Form

MECA Letter Jacket Order Form

Please contact Jill Stobber, Athletic/Activity Director, for further details.

Placement of items on the Letter Jacket:

Major Letter: left side (over the heart)

Minor Letter (patch): sewn on the upper right sleeve

Numerals: sewn on the upper left sleeve

Sport Inserts: On either sleeve

Championship Patches: On back of jacket, front right of jacket, or on a sleeve

Scholastic Letter: On the back of the jacket, below the “Waterford tail lettering