AP Coordinator: Lynn Davis 

AP coordinators assume primary responsibility for organizing and administering the AP programs at their schools. They also manage the ordering, receipt, distribution, administration, and return of AP Exam materials.

email: ldavis@waterforduhs.k12.wi.us

Courses Offered

AP 2-D Art – Roberts

AP 3-D Art – Roberts

AP Drawing – Roberts

AP Biology – Tonn

AP Calculus AB – Clarksen

AP Calculus BC – Bestland

AP Chemistry – Hawkinson

AP Macroeconomics – Agallar

AP Microeconomics – Agallar

AP English Literature – Hepworth

AP Environmental Science – Hendricks

AP US Government and Politics – Ziegler

AP Comparative Government and Politics – Ziegler

AP Human Geography – Taylor

AP Physics – Stoll

AP Psychology – Olson

AP Statistics – Gordon

AP US History – Vogt

AP World History: Modern – Rohrsen

  • Exam fee is $96 per exam
  • Exams cancelled or ordered after November 1, 2021 will be assessed a $40 fee by College Board
  • Exams cannot be ordered or cancelled after March 1, 2022
  • If you have paid for an exam and cancel before the deadline of Nov 1, 2021, you will be issued a full refund of $96.  Exams cancelled after Nov 1, 2021 will receive a $56 refund ($96 – $40 cancellation fee)
  • Exam fees can be paid on RevTrak, or with a check or cash in the main office.

AP Exam Schedules

Week 1 Morning 8 am Local Time Afternoon 12pm Local Time


May 2, 2022

Japanese Language and Culture

United States Government and Politics


Spanish Literature and Culture


May 3, 2022

Environmental Science Psychology


May 4, 2022

English Literature and Composition Comparative Government and Politics

Computer Science A


May 5, 2022

Human Geography





May 6, 2022

European History

United States History

Art History


Art and Design: Friday, May 6, 2022, is the last day for AP coordinators to submit digital AP 2-D Art and Design, 3-D Art and Design, and Drawing portfolios (by 8 pm ET) and to gather 2-D Art and Design and Drawing students for physical portfolio assembly. Teachers should forward completed digital Art and Design portfolios to coordinators before this date.

Week 2 Morning 8am Local Time Afternoon 12pm Local Time Afternoon 2pm Local Time


May 9, 2022

Calculus AB

Calculus BC

Computer Science Principles

Italian Language and Culture


May 10, 2022

English Language and Composition Physics C: Mechanics Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism


May 11, 2022

Chinese Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culture



May 12, 2022

French Language and Culture

World History: Modern

Physics 1: Algebra-Based


May 13, 2022

German Language and Culture

Music Theory


Physics 2: Algebra-Based