Mrs. Karlie Seidl MSW, APSW

Middle School/High School Social Worker & WUHS Families in Transition Coordinator- Homeless Education

262-514-8200 Ext. 4112 (Fox River Middle School)
262-534-3341 Ext. 3407 (Waterford Union H.S.)
262-210-8966 (Cell)

Elementary School Social Worker & Transitional Services Coordinator

Mrs. Kim Rivera-Kloeppel MSSW

262-514-8200 Ext. 6500 (WGSD)
262-210-8591 (Cell)

Transitional Living and Homeless Education

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines homeless children and youths as those who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. The law provides several examples of situations that meet the definition. This includes children and youths:

-sharing housing due to a loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason;

-living in hotels, motels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to a lack of alternative adequate housing;

-living in emergency or transitional shelters;

-abandoned in hospitals;

-living in a public or private place not designated for, or normally used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;

-living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar places; and/or

-living in one of the above circumstances and who are migratory.

What is a School Social Worker’s training?

Wisconsin School Social Workers are required to hold a masters degree in social work from an accredited  university as well as a school social work license from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in order to work in the school setting.  This training includes but is not limited to two semesters of field work in a school setting, additional field work in an agency whose major responsibility is to service children and youth,  training in mental health, psychopathology, human development, and special education.

What is a School Social Worker?

School Social Workers provide direct and indirect services to students, families, and school personnel to promote and support student’s academic and social success.  A School Social Worker is an advocate for students. They work to address and remove barriers affecting a students ability to learn by strengthening partnerships in the home, school and community. They provide services related to a person’s social, emotional and life adjustment to school and/or society.

Community Resources

Network of Care for Children, Youth & Families
Racine County Human Services
Apply for Badger Care, Food Share & Child Care
Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce- Resource Directory
Burlington Service Center
Love Inc.
Medically Uninsured
Food Pantries

WUHS Resources

Free and Reduced Lunch
Student & Family Assistance Program
Speak Up Speak Out
Parents United


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