Homecoming will take place from September 26-October 1.

Paint the town is Saturday, September 24. Various student groups have volunteered to start painting the windows around 9:00 am.

Dress-up days for the week are as follows: 

Monday (9/26): Teen Beach Movie Day- dress like a biker or surfer

Tuesday (9/27): Get Animated- dress like your favorite animated character

Wednesday (9/28): “We only wear pink…. or class colors”

Thursday (9/29): Act the Part- dress like your favorite film/movie star

Friday (9/30): Friday Night Lights- spirit wear


Powderpuff will take place on Wednesday, September 28. Coaches are as follows:

Hepworth/Roeglin- Freshman

Longo/Marten- Sophomore

Rohrson/Helmke/Olson- Junior

Wilken/ Dean Buse- Seniors

The homecoming pep assembly is on Friday (9/30) at 1:30pm during the school day.

Parade begins at 5:30pm  on Main St. Friday, September 30th
All participants will begin line up at the designated area at 4:45 -5pm.
Floats must be ready and in place by 5:15pm, and all COURT will take part in the parade!

The homecoming football game is at 7:00pm on Friday (9/30) vs Elkhorn.

Homecoming dance is on Saturday, October 1 from 7pm-10pm. Tickets can be purchased during the week of homecoming in the main office before or after school. Tickets are $6 per person. Pick up and drop off will be at door 19.

*Students must be in good standing prior to purchase of homecoming tickets. (Example: all detentions served)

  • Dance Runs from 7:00-10:00 PM
  • Enter through door 19 (Must Have Ticket)
  • All students must be present by 8:00pm (no late entry)
  • Students may leave after the presentation of Court
  • Court will be presented at 8:30pm
  • Leaving earlier will require parental contact before you leave
  • Bring some cash for movie themed concessions