The Madrigal Dinner is one of the most significant events we have in our school and in our community, which is run by the Choir Parents Association. WE NEED HELP!  This incredible tradition can only continue with the generosity of volunteers. We need everyone’s help to make this event successful!


Thank you to everyone who has stepped up so far. It truly does take a village for this production! We especially need people who can do minor hemming and sewing. Sign ups for the sewing team are here


Otherwise, here is a condensed list of what is needed:


Thursday, December 8

4-6 pm – Iron Banners, Replace Chair Backs (1 person) – meet in the choir room

6-8 pm – Set Building (16 people) – This is simply putting up the prefabricated walls and drilling them into place. It’s not hard, but it does require people and power tools! 

7:30-9:30 pm – Set Up Crew (13 people) – Set up platforms, tables, chairs, decorations, and place settings


Friday, December 9

9-11 am – Finish gym set up (4 people)


Saturday, December 10

5-7 pm – Backstage help (4 people) – Backstage duties are not specifically assigned. They will include (but are not limited to): assisting Page & Wench crew, assisting Back Stage Managers, Coat Check table, Clean Up, Dishes, as well as other tasks. 

6:30-8:30 pm – Backstage help (6 people)

8-10 pm – Sunday prep (9 people) – Bring dishes to gym and re-set tables for Sunday’s show


Sunday, December 11

1-3 pm – Backstage help (1 person)

3-5 pm – Backstage help (4 people)

4:30-8 pm – Tear-down Crew (20 people)

5-7 pm – Backstage help (10 people)

Two people – help wash Page & Wench costumes (take to laundromat, then return them to school within the week)


Please hop on the link and sign up to help us out – every little bit helps!