This semester the music department wanted to start a new initiative of “Musician of the Month.” The winners are selected by their peers! Congratulations to Megan and Gabe for being selected this month! Here is what the students had to say about them:

Megan: Megan is in all 3 of the bands and is always able to get the music down right away. She also helps a lot with leading sectionals and helping all of us when we do not know what scale to play or what the notes are. Also, she dedicates a lot of her time to music and I believe that she is the best in our band.

Gabe: Gabe Sell is a very good leader when it comes to learning songs. In madrigals, he was always the one leading the basses, and when we combined with the tenors. I would have had a much harder time learning all of my parts if it was not for Gabe. I believe the basses would have been in much worse condition if it wasn’t for him.