The 2021-2022 school year kickoff on September 1 is right around the bend.  Our staff and faculty anticipate a great school year filled with expanded learning experiences and exciting events that create a well-rounded high school experience.  As we embark on the new year, here are some tools that will help families and the school work together for a smooth summer-to-school transition.
New to WUHS Student Orientation: SOAR
School Hours: Doors open at 7:00 AM at the start of the day, and doors close by 3:10 PM at the end of the day.
Student Drop-off Locations:  Door one and door 19 (attendance entrance off Main Street and the commons/cafeteria entrance, respectively). For safety reasons, only busses drop off at door 29 (main office entrance).  Student drivers should enter door 1, also. Bus riders please contact Dousman Transport at 262-910-1310 for your routes and pick up times.
COVID-19 Protocols: Here is a letter outlining our protocols for students and staff at WUHS.
Daily Course Rotation: 2021-22 SY Rotation
Grading Practices: A high school grading committee collaborated to improve communication to parents about grades and grading expectationsIcons you will view in PowerSchool will be consistent among faculty.
Student Pictures and ID’s: Make up day is Thursday, September 2, during lunch periods.  Senior pictures should be uploaded by October 27.
Parking Permits: Student permits are available in the main office.  All forms and fees need to be completed prior to receiving a permit.
Class Binders: Classes requiring a binder will be distributed on the first day of classes.
Student Handbook:  Students will receive their handbooks on the first day of classes, yet in a proactive measure, please review with your child the electronic device use (page 16) and dress code (page 14) expectations prior to September 1.  Lunch A or B is the responsible time for students to use their electronic devices. Otherwise, all electronic devices should be powered down between the hours of 7:25 AM and 3:00 PM. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as everyone wants a smooth transition into the school year.