Based on survey feedback that parents seek more feedback from teachers regarding their child’s progress, we have increased opportunities for all families to meet with teachers. We increased from two parent-and-teacher conferences the last two years to six parent-and-teacher conferences this school year. Next week will mark the fifth conference for the school year. Please make every attempt to attend conferences because your participation is valuable. In order to accommodate various work schedules, this conference will occur on the morning of April 10.

What you can expect:

Monday, April 10, from 7:30-9:30 AM

All teachers will be in their classrooms for brief updates to your child’s progress in class. Teachers are asked to keep individual meetings to five minutes or less.

Students and families are highly encouraged to attend conferences.

Information regarding stakeholder feedback from surveys and district goals for continuous improvement will be presented by administration in the Atrium

Doors  #1, #5, #19, and #29 will be open for people to enter the building in the morning.  Your child can escort you through the building to find individual classroom teachers.  Stop in the classrooms to hold a conversation about your child’s progress. You are welcome to establish further communications if not enough conversation time is available during conferences. Stop in the atrium before leaving to learn about how Waterford Union is preparing students for college or a career and life. 

Thank you, and we plan to see you on Monday, April 10.

Future Conference Dates:

Wednesday, April 19, from 3:15-5:15 PM

Room Numbers for PT Conferences (1).pdf